Today, you need a miracle. A situation is overwhelming, and you need an answer. You're waiting to hear from Jesus; for Him to speak. Speaking. This i...View Details

We are looking at the first sign in John: Abundant Life. Through this series, in being confronted by these miraculous signs, we may believe in Jesus,...View Details

We've all been there; In the middle of significant decisions, we want to know that we are making the right decision. After seeking counsel from friend...View Details

This is our final week of the series "Teach Us to Pray". As we wrap up, we look to the final overall prayer that Jesus taught us. Are you willing to l...View Details

Does God give us more than we can handle? If God never gave us more than we can handle, how would we grow? Thank YOU for hopping online with us. Leave...View Details

Fathers and Foundations

Thank you for being online with us! We have a treat for the fathers and the father figures who have impacted our lives. God bless!   #ForTheValleys

Download and listen to this past Sunday's message. How important is forgiveness when it comes to our lives? The parable that Jesus teaches is pretty c...View Details

There is a filling that needs to take place. It is for God to provide for the needs that we have. It is certainly a prayer that reveals God as our so...View Details

Thanks for checking out our podcast! Here we post our previous Sunday's message. You are free to download, share and listen to this message at any tim...View Details

From Jesus' own words: wait for the promise of the Father. You will receive power, you will witness the ends of the Earth. How God does this is the ou...View Details

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