What does faith look like? How does action play a part in faith? You found our podcast! Listen to any sermon wherever you are! 

Thank you Life Church for being such a faithful community of believers!   Doing something you HAVE to do vs doing something you WANT to do.

Someti...View Details

Victory & Blessing

Thanks for finding us! Death cannot defeat us. It didn't defeat Jesus, and it won't defeat us. The sting of death is still affecting us now, but it w...View Details

God With Us…Really!

A heavenly sign leads the wise men. The star reveals the way to Israel, and eventually the home of Jesus. All this for a God who is with us. Really! R...View Details

God With Us…Really

Thanks for checking out the podcast!   So, what’s in a name? What’s so special about the name Immanuel? The prophecy mentioned here in Matthew was giv...View Details

Listen to the sermon anytime and anywhere! This is the final Sunday in our Series: Bound to be Free! The book of Galatians is a powerful, impactful bo...View Details

God With Us…Really?

Listen to the podcast wherever you are!  If we go way back in the history of Israel, we find promises of God. But there is something interesting that ...View Details

Be Transfomed

Thanks for tuning into our free podcast from this past Sunday. We had the awesome opportunity for our Life Community Director, Natasha, to speak on Su...View Details

As we wrapped up the #forthevalleys series, we pray that this series would give you hope and a foundation for your life.  A picture of our desire to b...View Details

So glad that you are listening to our Podcast! Praying for you! Generosity is the heart of abundance; knowing that God is enough! Our generosity revea...View Details

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